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May tidbits!

A big Thanks! to families for helping choose and practice poems throughout the month of April.  The presentations were fabulous!  This class is keen about poetry;  we will continue to make poetry a part of our weekly literacy time.  Your child’s poetry duotang will be going home the weekend of May 7th to share.  Also in Literacy we are using our questioning skills to pose questions before, during  and after our reading.  Word work has always been a part of our literacy rotation but we are focusing for the next few months on a more “traditional” spelling program.  Each Friday we will do a dictation with words that we have been using during the week.

In Math we are busy with two-digit addition and subtraction.  We have been applying these skills to word problems too.  On Thursday, May 12th there will be a math test.  As the week progresses, check your child’s agenda to see the type of questions that we have been doing.  Regrouping is still being mastered, and as always, knowing one’s basic facts quickly is always a help!

With the book fair recently over, I won’t be sending home the book order until near the end of May.  This will be our final one of the year.

Last week’s trip to Goldirocks was a lot of fun.  We have one more class trip planned for early June.  The Grade 1 and 2 classes have received a grant to go to the Tiffin Centre for a day of science and outdoor education.  A note will be going home soon with more details.

You may have heard that our class has earned a celebration by collecting all of the warm n’fuzzies.  We have been waiting for a warm and dry day.  The forecast for Friday, May 6th looks promising.  We will take our lunches out for a picnic on the school grounds, and have some extra outside time!  Let’s continue to hope for sunshine…


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Happy Spring!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Here are some of the things that the end of March and early April will bring:

Wednesday, March 30th is our library day this week (it will go back to Day 5 the following week-Tuesday).

Thursday, March 31st our class will be celebrating the character trait of Honesty at our 9:15 assembly.  We will be singing a song and digitally showcasing our own version of “Franklin Fibs” via our own plasticine art and retelling of the story.  The spirit dress is Lots of Socks and our class will be donning sunglasses for the song.  If your child has a pair, please send them in for Thursday.  Thanks!

How fitting that our spirit dress is Lots of Socks…extra pairs are always needed at this time of the year.  It really helps if your child has an extra pair or two in their backpack.  Wet feet are no fun.

A poetry notice will be going home this week.  It will outline the dates by when poems should be chosen.   We have started a poetry station in our literacy rotations.  Please let me know if you are having difficulty choosing a poem, or if you just have a question about the activity.  Since it is the end of the month, the yellow poetry duotangs will be going home for the weekend to be shared.  Please return them on Monday, April 4th.  We use them on a regular basis.

In math we are finishing up our geometry unit.  We will have a summative test on Thursday.  Students will be expected to be able to identify and describe 2-D shapes and 3-D figures.  Following this unit we will be exploring numbers to 100 and beginning to add and subtract two-digit numbers.  Mentally adding single digit numbers in a board or card game is a great way to support at home what we are doing at school!



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Skating postponed

Today’s “Snow Day” has meant that our skating day has been moved to Wednesday, March 9th.  Also, just a reminder that items are being collected for baskets to be auctioned off at East Oro’s 50th Anniversary celebration.  The theme for our class basket is Movies.

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Lots Happening!

It’s almost March and a lot will be happening this month!

Some reminders:

  • Tuesday, March 1st we are having an ice cream party-  our class had the highest participation of returned school survey responses (Thank you for your continued support and interest!!!)
  • Wednesday, March 2nd is our new skating date
  • Friday, March 4th March book orders will be due (a quick turnaround date in hopes the books arrive before the March Break)
  • Tuesday, March 8th we are having a pizza party-  our class had the highest participation in selling the boxed cards
  • Our class is leading the March assembly on March 31st at 9:00.   The character trait is Honesty, the spirit dress is “Lots of Socks”.    All are welcome!

In Language this month we are continuing to work on text-self responses.  We are beginning a literature study based on Barbara Reid’s books.   Besides being a wonderful author, she illustrates her books with plasticine pictures.  We will be rolling up our sleeves and doing the same!  On Friday I will be sending home your child’s poetry duotang home to share.  Please return the poems after the weekend.  Home reading books will continue to be made available!  There was a lot of movement in reading levels this past term.  Let’s keep that going!

Over the next week we will be exploring 3-D Geometry.

Our Social Studies unit has begun with a look at the differences between maps and atlases.  We have also taken a look at how the Earth is divided into continents.  Mapping skills will be practised throughout the month.

Don’t forget to “like” East Oro on Facebook as another way to keep in touch with school life!



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Math with Prodigy

Beginning Tuesday, January 19th there will be a new username and password for a math site called Prodigy added to the first page of  your child’s agenda  .  We will be practising how to access the site and use it during the week.  With internet it can be accessed at home too!  It’s great for reviewing key skills.  There will be times when I customize the types of math questions to be answered to align with what we are doing in class, and at other times the questions will be from different math areas.   The difficulty of the questions adjusts depending on the students’ success.  Have fun playing and exploring with Prodigy!

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Happy New Year

It is exciting to be starting 2016 with a new blog!  Please follow along here to learn about the happenings of our  Grade 2 class.  This gives me a chance to keep you informed, post pictures of our work, and hear back from you.

I will regularly note important dates each month that you may find helpful.


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